Photographed by Clara Molden for The Telegraph - December 8, 2011

get to know me meme[1/5] female characters ▪ alison hendrix
"i’m a horrible person. i’m not even a real person."

Sorry but all I could think about in this scene was this: English Kniggits

Saw this post and thought “Kniggits”. 

"If you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe
than you could ever have dreamed of.”

#100 FLAWLESS LADIES  (in no particular order)
↳ Lauren Cohan [5/100]

"I was born in Philadelphia, I lived in New Jersey for a short time, and then I moved to England, when I was a kid. And then, I recently moved to L.A. I’m American by birth, and English by accent. I grew up just outside London, in Surrey. So, I’m a Jersey Brit!


Get to know me meme - [2/10] favorite male characters: Jesse Pinkman.

Yo, yo yo, 148-3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9, representing the ABQ, what up biatch?! Leave it at the tone.